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Saturday, June 30, 2012


I am back haha xD

This week I was so so so so busy

sorry my lovely blog huhu T.T

Busy that and this and that

This week =

3 Full Reports + Assignment + Tutorial questions + Lecturer notes + Revision + Tests

xS see I was so freaking busy with those things zzz

Today I just finished my tests -- math and mechanics

Well I think i didn't do my test well because I did a lot mistakes

Haih.. Hate my silly mistakes and CARELESS

but I didn't even have time to double check la..

it's too rush.. zzz

plus the teacher who delivered the question papers was ngam chan..

he wasted our 15 minutes like that for just adjusting our seats.. zzz

they didnt even give extra time la.. gerhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

Haih but anyway I hope my tests' result won't be too bad la.. ;(

Now I should throw all my worries.. and it's time to move forward..

Move my focuses on physical chemistry and biology..

cus next sat is their turns to make us feel miserable hahah xD

This tuesday I will have my first class of learning korean language.. haha

A bit excited.. But then I will have lesser time to study.. ;(

haix don't care la.. I must have some times to do what i like to do!

Cus study hard play hard! haha xD

Arrangement of time is really important guys!!

because u won't have time to study if everyday always being in relax mode..

everyday I need to make myself at least done two homeworks

haih hwaiting jigu!

A lot "haih" in today's post haha x)

upload some photos to let ur guys see how was my life going on..

eggtart!!! it's mini eggtart.. hao chi!!!

When I saw the name "Drumstick", I don't know why I kept relating it to 鸡腿

haha xD cus the name is nearly same with 鸡腿 de english..

Yii My finger looks so old haha x)


CT class.. LOVE Tutorial class.. cus we will become so high haha xD

laughing and laughing again.. the reaction between teacher and students is so funny..

*that one who wear spec is our tutorial teacher, Mr Pok.. talkative person!

Teacher gave us 15 minutes to discuss about 安乐死..

whether we agree or disagree.. u guys know what is an le si right?

Discuss in different groups

And each group need one person to speak out their opinions

Well that day I was the one who stood up to shared our group opinions

I terpaksa la.. nobody want to do in my group zzz

felt shame for my broken english + the "LA" in my every last sentence haha xD

One of my classmate shared her group idea

They agreed la.. For me, absolutely disagree! really mah.. Life wor.. only one sj..

See I am not the only one who tou pai.. haha he even used camera la..

Funniest thing is most of them didn't realized la.. haha xD

I love this poster that pinned on the notice board..


Guess this is what? leave a comment if you know what is it.. haha ;p

Today walking to school with new friends..

manatau in the half way to school, we saw bus when we are at jejambat.. zzz

So ren ming lou.. kept walking to school with a lot of sweats..

three of us became waterfall when we arrive school la.. ;p

It's Bro andy again haha went to church today..

other church members..

Why i became stalker ah.. haha xD

okay see ya jigu!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


对 我在kl 这里终于过了一个多月

说少也不少 说多也不多


大致上都还不错~ 只不过到现在

我还是会有迷路现象 哈哈

没办法 我这个人就是差在方向感

不是很会记路 !但我会加油的啦


只不过我很讨厌那个‘TRAFFIC JAM'

它可以塞到不成人样 哈哈 应该是‘车’样才对 xD







毕竟学校有朋友 事事都好玩与精彩


尤其在上practical 的时候

Member 们都会争吵一下

including 我啦,毕竟每个人都有自己的意见

但我们很快就会变好的! XD

before 我们离开practical lab所拍下的全体照

但不算是是完整,因为有些人走人了 ==



每一天都是家的味道 哈哈

*我真的会很sian 如果每一天都出去吃饭

而且很容易生病的说 所以pae yii 要保重哦!




哈哈 所以朋友们请你们做出心理准备的说

因为我怕我会肥倒不在是阿范! huhu T.T

uh-hu just imagine this cat is me LOL


但它是小型的教堂,其实是office church


因为大多数brother and sister都是韩国人!!!!!



而且我也正在学习bible 但请不要误会

我还是佛教,只是我觉得bible 里头的确


而教我study bible 的是一位来自上海的brother

但他会说韩国语,而且是很厉害的那种 哈哈哈



manatau 他是上海人




*drey and siaw 有件bad news 我必须要告诉你们


HE'S unavailable ! 你们一定很失望吧

哈哈 他结了婚,老婆是韩国人,也是Sister

我想这是为什么他会去韩国居住吧~ 哈哈


brother andy


他是成熟的handsome 拉

不懂ngam 不 ngam 你们的taste 哈哈

好了,我要去赶我的practical report 了

而且我还要revise 因为下个星期要考试阿!!

So see ya everyone =)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


yes people I am now stucking myself into boredom ;S

Yes wonder i can do this kind of action inside computer lab LOLOL xD

Feeling bored now.. nothing to do.. just typing keyboard in front of computer..

Currrently inside utar's computer lab..

And playing computer like others but I'm different ;p

Cus I didn't play fb games..

Here have a lot of students keep playing tetris battle

Why are you guys so addicted to that game..

I know it's excited since u can BOOM other players LOL

But me.. play dao sian liao.. haha

But anyway today I went to school as usual.. (but actually I'm still at uni now haha ;D)

learn a lot today.. especially physical chem.. Really like our tutorial teacher of physical chem

She is very pro in chem and the way she explained is very simple and easy to caught! =D

But compared to our lecturer of phy chem.. ;( haih

I don't want talk too much later kasih tembak by teacher haha xD

I need to stay in uni until 4 pm

cus today have community service annual meeting

The only one club that I can join in uni haha xS

cus other clubs really don't match my interest..


but I don't now whether it's necessary or not

cus i really want to go home now.. :S

stupid meeting! why don't you set the time early huh?

2pm finished my phy chem tutorial class

And need to stay until 6pm zzz ==

ok la it's just a post to express my boredom haha

have a nice day people!

BTW utar internet speed is very fast la unlike my home one zzz

lambat as turtle gerhhh...

wonder I can do it in computer lab cus I am really bored people!

haha xD

Monday, June 18, 2012


Yes it's a little and kinda annoying story..

it happened today in critical class

(Aiya I always didn't pay attention in CT class ;p haha damn bored :S)

My friend, Jen Zen want to borrow my eraser

So I borrowed lu.. but then he was not erasing..

He played my eraser by kept rubbing on the table

( actually the table is like the small table in the kkhs auditorium.. small kan?)

The table that he conteng is my table by the way ==

why I said conteng cus my eraser is a bit dirty i guess (actually it's very dirty ! haha)

so when my erase rubbed on the table, it will appear grey lines..

u know what i mean? errmmm.. 有黑印 ? 总之 it's dirty la.. xD

Of course I felt upset.. ( a lit bit la.. not very very upset ;p )

Then i said : "why were you playing my 'ca zhi jiao' hah?" (in chinese)

Then my friend was laughing! Then I was like " what are you laughing at huh?"

*manakala sendiri pun laughing haha.. xD

He replied as " ca zi jiao???"

His expression really looks like this 'O______O' LOLOL

Then I realized what i said wrong..


Then I explained that is sabah mandarin language la~

everyone (maybe just my classmates in 2ndary school) says like that de in kk..

Yea kan pae yii marie drey? it's 'ca zhi jiao' right? i scare i'm the one only says like that haha

Btw today I met two ppl that come from office church..

they brought me to the church to do 洗礼 ( i don't know eng is what)

actually i don't want but they just kept inviting me (they are kindness)

so I go lu since tiada disadvantage to me bah

I was totally wet la haha xD ( I had changed to other pakaian before start)

and ate a bread and wine ( they said it's a promise to god according to passover)

And oh yea one of the ppl who invited me is korean guy!!!! handsome la.. LOL

He can speak chinese and english fluently !!! I was shocked la.. xD

the church have a lot of korean ppl too btw!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Too fast

Time flowed so fast!

And it's moday tomorrow haha

But anyway I will update my friend outing at Mid Valley tomorrow

If I have times.. LOL x) it's time for me to go to my dreamland!

Night everyone and have a sweet dream


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Big Hugs

Love This Song.. Love is priceless.. Love is nowhere..

I love Melbourne after watched this mv.. There is so beautiful and relax!! 

Friday, June 15, 2012


Haha It's friday people !

Time for relax AND SLEEP LATE haha

BTW I had done most of the questions of mechanics tutorial

Yiipiiii~~~ haha thanks SIR! you are so pro!

Tomorrow gonna hang out with pae yii and charies them in Mid Valley haha xD

I am really looking forward to that! x)

don't know them will bring other ppl or not

Thursday, June 14, 2012


What a black white gif that is very suitable with my feeling now!



Because I can't do the question of mechanics!!! :( sad


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I love Practical Class

It's SO MUCH FUN !!!

Love biology and chemistry practical class..

Teachers are awesome haha

Quite ging jong

'Cause it's the first time to enter uni lab..

And I didn't read the procedure last night

but ling shi bao huo jiao haha

kept reading the procedure and the way to collect data

before teacher is coming haha

like seriously macam only me ling shi bao huo jiao x) what a shame

So pictures tell thousand words, isn't it? =)

well i didn't took photo in chemistry lab cus teacher don't allow

however bio teacher allowed us but just for today

cus we need write down the observation depend on these photos

guess what? it's dark blue solution.. starch + iodine = dark blue!

actually it' just like bio form4-5 punya experiment

But we need to do all of it quickly.. really fast..

everyone was like so stress.. but me relax relax haha xD

oh ya we were separating into 2 person per group..

Then my partner kept giving the sign of "wei can you take it serious ka?"

haha feel sorry for him

Dark blue solution


Left is lipid test

Center is protein test
Right is sugar test

closer to my test tubes LOL

but i don't know why the pic uploaded as vertical but not horizontal form zzz

*we did it all in one hour half like that,

hopefully all is correct! left 30 min for us to discuss the observation

quite rush and tough for me cus i always moved slowly in doing experiment

during I was in secondary school

most of the experiment were always wrong and had a lot of misttakes

xD ya kan marie pae yii?

Btw today i made fool out of myself in front of crowd ( actually it was in library la)

The situation is I was listening to music by earphone.. And the music is too loud

So when I was talking , everyone was staring at me.. Then I was like " what's going on"

Then my friend was pointing on my earphone then I baru realized I was talking loudly!!

Tou soi la! *blush

you know why? all because of my music volume is too high! ( it's my wrong )

Then of course I can't hear clearly what am i saying.. then of cus I will speak louder

Manatau it's too loud!! haha xD zhen de hen tou soi o haha xD

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday again

Yes dude It's monday AGAIN zzz

I really hate monday

And I know all you guys hate too

cus it is school-ING again haha

Holiday is over

for those who still is in primary and secondary school

and form six too..

But for me, no feeling at all

'cause we don't have school holiday zzz

Anyway today I woke up as usual

woke up from my dreamland around 6.55 am

quite tired 'cause yesterday I slept late x)

Traffic jam when i was heading to petaling jaya by riding bus

Weather is a bit cloudy.. but luckily didn't raining..

Here is subang area i think.. walau traffic jam till pj la.. zzz

I don't know what's wrong with me today

I was being so active.. in saying HI to other people ( but of course the ppl i know LOL)

Like I (maybe) just being friendly suddenly.. haha

jiang dao I'm not friendly in the past few days.. (but it's truth haha xD)

So I get closer to my group member.. I mean my classmates..

exchanged hp num from each other..

There is a prob 'cause most of my classmates are using 012 or 019 rather than digi ah!

Phone credits gonna handui haha xD

( maybe I will just ignore the msg that they send to me x) how come I am so mean haha)

Today classes are just ok ok la..

Just when I am attending the last class at 3 pm

I was like the little girl below haha

Really lah I wasn't listening to teacher clearly.. Sleepy sj haha

But when it is time to back home

I was like the yellow people below haha

Extremely high and happy haha xD

Well actually need to stop at here cus busy with my practical things

So I just simply uploaded some interesting photos :

This is kuih ubi kayu 芋头糕..

sabah also got actually just we didn't add sirap =)

The sirap is the sirap we always add in 猪肠粉 and got a lit bit cilli

Overall is okay for me..

Answering bio tutorial

Kinda headache la

Random pic =) friends' photo

The End =)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Study Hard

Yes I need to make myself into a study mood now..

Cus everyone around me in uni feels like smarter than me a lot

So I need to be more hardworking than before

But yet I still blogging in the future..

Cus I'm not the one who is just study all the time

People should take a break so We won't be getting crazy =)

Hwaiting buddies ! today weather is great !

Quite similar to me haha xD

I mean 有谁的父母不是这样的 huh?

haha have a nice sunday buddies!

Saturday, June 9, 2012









黄色 就equal to 黄色皮肤的人


白色 就equal to 白色皮肤的人


So u get my point now?


而且是很fluent 的那种!


cus my english is just so-so haha xD




我觉得拉 但如果真的学不到,就不要勉强

因为我也知道华文还真的是难 hahahahaha

Friday, June 8, 2012

那些年 =)

A lot of memories crossing in my mind when i was watching it =)


I love this annoying face haha *source from "despicable me"

Today I had attended my critical thinking class..

It's quite funny.. All of us kept laughing in the class even teacher also did..

Haha Learnt a lot things today.. =)

Stereotyping is the funniest part in this chapter.. chapter 2

It means we will always assuming all in a group shares the same qualities generally..

It's quite difficult to explain but it's quite easy when other group give examples.. =)

Stereotyping's example (given by teacher ) :

There is a group of girls but however there always have two guys who always follow this group

So in fact, like other people thought, we will just think that one of the guys punya gender is in the

middle between male and female without any proof.. like people said "GENTLE"men..

*in this moment, our teacher pointed to a guy who sit around girls..

then we all laugh la.. and the guy was like 'Wow..'

and kept shaking his hand to give 'NO,that's not true!' signal haha xD

And the plus I also always follow girls group bah in secondary school..

but i don't think it's a prob ah.. Just I think it's easier for me to talk to girls compared to boys..

Since I'm not game-playing person but watching drama especially korean drama haha

So i really don't have any topic to chit-chat with guys la.. cus they just chat about game.. zzz

Besides, i am a nerd la.. bookworm.. just know to study.. haha xD but I still play la :p

But mostly is playin indoor.. like online, watch drama, etc etc.. x)

It's Friday guys!!!!! an excuse for me to play computer longer than usual.. haha

I need to release my tensions extremely! haha xD so i wouldn't getting crazy..

Bukit Padang isn't a suitable shelter for me haha x) hwaiting everyone!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smile Everyone *wink

either it's a fake smile or what else

SMILE haha =)


Not the outdoor exercise

It's the EXERCISE papers..

Or u can call them as tutorial exercise paper..

Annoying thingee cus I really lazy to do..

But I still do it.. I mean currently doing it while blogging.. haha

Exercise papers.. An easy way for me to understand what i learnt from class (maybe)

Now i am enjoying my head spin becus of mechanics.. haha x) WEIRDO!

Today had mechanics lecturer class.. well the lecturer was talking so fast la..

the words came out from his mouth like rocket.. very fast!

talking non-stop except during break time..

hopefully i still can caught his points and wrote down in my notebooks

( hand-shaking.. almost fainted.. haha my writing speed ben lai like a turtle

but then sudden became faster and faster as rocket.. really need to fast la

if keep slowly , pasti hancui! xS)

My friend who sit next to me even slept at the halfway of teaching.. haha

It's a bit boring for him i guess..

well cheers everyone! gotta continue answering~ so bye!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Yes I gonna sleep earlier today to prevent me wake up lately again

Today I woke up lately and hopefully my auntie woke me up

However, that's be 最后一次!!

Cus my uncle doesn't like people that is not punctual like me haha

Plus I always 懒床 haha So i need to kasih hilang this bad behaviour!

Sleep early can give me enough sleeping times so I won't feel sleepy in class x)

So 学一下吧 jigu! don't online till midnight.. it is a bad bad bad bad 习惯!

BTW today I walked to school

(yeh jalan kaki cus I really lazy wait for utar bus.. Always impunctual one de .. zzzzz )

It tooks me 20 minutes like that to arrive UTAR..

Actually it's near from bus station la

Don't know why alot of students don't want to walk to uni

Walking in the street made me feels like I'm study at luar negara! haha

Quite relax.. it's not so tired cus today's weather is good (liang liang de =))

And also can do some exercise bah.. become healthy then LOL


Love this photo.. Feels warm~

Passing through playground..

In front there also had two students walking to uni

Arrived school =)

The End =)